Source code for wtforms.ext.django.orm

Tools for generating forms based on Django models.
from wtforms import fields as f
from wtforms import Form
from wtforms import validators
from wtforms.compat import iteritems
from wtforms.ext.django.fields import ModelSelectField

__all__ = (
    'model_fields', 'model_form',

class ModelConverterBase(object):
    def __init__(self, converters):
        self.converters = converters

    def convert(self, model, field, field_args):
        kwargs = {
            'label': field.verbose_name,
            'description': field.help_text,
            'validators': [],
            'filters': [],
            'default': field.default,
        if field_args:

        if field.blank:
        if field.max_length is not None and field.max_length > 0:

        ftype = type(field).__name__
        if field.choices:
            kwargs['choices'] = field.choices
            return f.SelectField(**kwargs)
        elif ftype in self.converters:
            return self.converters[ftype](model, field, kwargs)
            converter = getattr(self, 'conv_%s' % ftype, None)
            if converter is not None:
                return converter(model, field, kwargs)

class ModelConverter(ModelConverterBase):
        f.IntegerField: ['AutoField', 'IntegerField', 'SmallIntegerField', 'PositiveIntegerField', 'PositiveSmallIntegerField'],
        f.DecimalField: ['DecimalField', 'FloatField'],
        f.FileField: ['FileField', 'FilePathField', 'ImageField'],
        f.DateTimeField: ['DateTimeField'],
        f.DateField: ['DateField'],
        f.BooleanField: ['BooleanField'],
        f.TextField: ['CharField', 'PhoneNumberField', 'SlugField'],
        f.TextAreaField: ['TextField', 'XMLField'],

    def __init__(self, extra_converters=None, simple_conversions=None):
        converters = {}
        if simple_conversions is None:
            simple_conversions = self.DEFAULT_SIMPLE_CONVERSIONS
        for field_type, django_fields in iteritems(simple_conversions):
            converter = self.make_simple_converter(field_type)
            for name in django_fields:
                converters[name] = converter

        if extra_converters:
        super(ModelConverter, self).__init__(converters)

    def make_simple_converter(self, field_type):
        def _converter(model, field, kwargs):
            return field_type(**kwargs)
        return _converter

    def conv_ForeignKey(self, model, field, kwargs):
        return ModelSelectField(, **kwargs)

    def conv_TimeField(self, model, field, kwargs):
        def time_only(obj):
                return obj.time()
            except AttributeError:
                return obj
        return f.DateTimeField(format='%H:%M:%S', **kwargs)

    def conv_EmailField(self, model, field, kwargs):
        return f.TextField(**kwargs)

    def conv_IPAddressField(self, model, field, kwargs):
        return f.TextField(**kwargs)

    def conv_URLField(self, model, field, kwargs):
        return f.TextField(**kwargs)

    def conv_NullBooleanField(self, model, field, kwargs):
        from django.db.models.fields import NOT_PROVIDED

        def coerce_nullbool(value):
            d = {'None': None, None: None, 'True': True, 'False': False}
            if isinstance(value, NOT_PROVIDED):
                return None
            elif value in d:
                return d[value]
                return bool(int(value))

        choices = ((None, 'Unknown'), (True, 'Yes'), (False, 'No'))
        return f.SelectField(choices=choices, coerce=coerce_nullbool, **kwargs)

def model_fields(model, only=None, exclude=None, field_args=None, converter=None):
    Generate a dictionary of fields for a given Django model.

    See `model_form` docstring for description of parameters.
    converter = converter or ModelConverter()
    field_args = field_args or {}

    model_fields = ((f.attname, f) for f in model._meta.fields)
    if only:
        model_fields = (x for x in model_fields if x[0] in only)
    elif exclude:
        model_fields = (x for x in model_fields if x[0] not in exclude)

    field_dict = {}
    for name, model_field in model_fields:
        field = converter.convert(model, model_field, field_args.get(name))
        if field is not None:
            field_dict[name] = field

    return field_dict

[docs]def model_form(model, base_class=Form, only=None, exclude=None, field_args=None, converter=None): """ Create a wtforms Form for a given Django model class:: from wtforms.ext.django.orm import model_form from myproject.myapp.models import User UserForm = model_form(User) :param model: A Django ORM model class :param base_class: Base form class to extend from. Must be a ``wtforms.Form`` subclass. :param only: An optional iterable with the property names that should be included in the form. Only these properties will have fields. :param exclude: An optional iterable with the property names that should be excluded from the form. All other properties will have fields. :param field_args: An optional dictionary of field names mapping to keyword arguments used to construct each field object. :param converter: A converter to generate the fields based on the model properties. If not set, ``ModelConverter`` is used. """ field_dict = model_fields(model, only, exclude, field_args, converter) return type(model._meta.object_name + 'Form', (base_class, ), field_dict)