Source code for wtforms.fields.form

from .. import widgets
from .core import Field
from wtforms.utils import unset_value

__all__ = ("FormField",)

[docs]class FormField(Field): """ Encapsulate a form as a field in another form. :param form_class: A subclass of Form that will be encapsulated. :param separator: A string which will be suffixed to this field's name to create the prefix to enclosed fields. The default is fine for most uses. """ widget = widgets.TableWidget() def __init__( self, form_class, label=None, validators=None, separator="-", **kwargs ): super().__init__(label, validators, **kwargs) self.form_class = form_class self.separator = separator self._obj = None if self.filters: raise TypeError( "FormField cannot take filters, as the encapsulated" " data is not mutable." ) if validators: raise TypeError( "FormField does not accept any validators. Instead," " define them on the enclosed form." ) def process(self, formdata, data=unset_value, extra_filters=None): if extra_filters: raise TypeError( "FormField cannot take filters, as the encapsulated" "data is not mutable." ) if data is unset_value: try: data = self.default() except TypeError: data = self.default self._obj = data self.object_data = data prefix = + self.separator if isinstance(data, dict): self.form = self.form_class(formdata=formdata, prefix=prefix, **data) else: self.form = self.form_class(formdata=formdata, obj=data, prefix=prefix) def validate(self, form, extra_validators=()): if extra_validators: raise TypeError( "FormField does not accept in-line validators, as it" " gets errors from the enclosed form." ) return self.form.validate() def populate_obj(self, obj, name): candidate = getattr(obj, name, None) if candidate is None: if self._obj is None: raise TypeError( "populate_obj: cannot find a value to populate from" " the provided obj or input data/defaults" ) candidate = self._obj self.form.populate_obj(candidate) setattr(obj, name, candidate) def __iter__(self): return iter(self.form) def __getitem__(self, name): return self.form[name] def __getattr__(self, name): return getattr(self.form, name) @property def data(self): return @property def errors(self): return self.form.errors