What’s New in WTForms 3

New Features

WTForms 3 is something something TODO

Past Major Releases

WTForms 2

WTForms 2 was the first major version bump since WTForms 1.0. Coming with it are a number of major changes that allow far more customization of core WTForms features. This is done to make WTForms even more capable when working along with companion libraries.

New Features

  • Class Meta paradigm allows customization of many aspects of WTForms.

  • CSRF and i18n are core features not needing extensions anymore.

  • Widget rendering changes:

    • Passing <attribute name>=False to WTForms widget rendering is now ignored, making it easier to deal with boolean HTML attributes.

    • Creating an html attribute data-foo can be done by passing the keyword data_foo to the widget.

Deprecated API’s

These API’s still work, but in most cases will cause a DeprecationWarning. The deprecated API’s will be removed in WTForms 3.0, so write code against the new API’s unless it needs to work across both WTForms 1.x and 2.x

  • Core

  • WTForms Extensions All the extensions are being deprecated. We feel like the extensions we had would actually benefit from being pulled outside the WTForms package, because it would allow them to have a separate release schedule that suits their companion libraries.

    • wtforms.ext.appengine Is deprecated, see WTForms-Appengine

    • wtforms.ext.csrf CSRF protection is now built in

    • wtforms.ext.dateutil Is deprecated, but does not have a new home yet.

    • wtforms.ext.django Is deprecated. See WTForms-Django

    • wtforms.ext.i18n i18n is now built in

    • wtforms.ext.sqlalchemy Is deprecated, look at WTForms-Alchemy (docs)

Low-level Changes

Most of these changes shouldn’t affect the typical library user, however we are including these changes for completeness for those who are creating companion libraries to WTForms.

  • BaseForm._fields is now an OrderedDict, not a plain dict.

  • FormMeta now manages an attribute called _wtforms_meta which is a subclass of any class Meta defined on ancestor form classes.

  • A new keyword-param called simply data= to the Form constructor has been added and positioned as the place where soon we will be able to accept structured data which is neither formdata, object data, or defaults. Currently this parameter is merged with the kwargs, but the intention is to handle other structured data (think JSON).

  • Filters on fields stop on the first ValueError, instead of continuing on to the next one.